Video Production Retainer Program


Why A Retainer? 

Our video production retainers are excellent for companies that need on-going professional video production services but may not have the resources to meet the workload. We take the time to understand your company and become familiar with your brand and products. This gives us the insights we require when we produce your video. This gained insight saves you from having to re-invent the wheel whenever you start a new video project. 

Perfect For
  • Corporate Events
  • Marketing & Promotions
  • Internal Communications
  • Product Launch Events
  • Social Media Videos
  • Testimonials
  • and more

12 Month Retainer Package

Here’s what you get per month:
  • Guaranteed priority in production queue
  • Project Management
  • Preproduction
  • Production: Up to a day of single location filming
  • Postproduction of a main video with up to two one-minute social media edits
  • Delivery of the final high definition videos via downloadable links


Why Enter into a Retainer Agreement with AV?

How would you feel about increasing your headcount and overheads to cater to some non-core, but essential activities? What if you do decide to bring those activities in-house, but discover that beyond the headcount you would have to make a serious investment in equipment and software?

These are difficult questions to come to grips with. The essence of the challenge though is to find the right balance to achieve a defined goal. And if a goal is clearly defined, how might a business mitigate risks to comfortably achieve their business objectives? A clear winner has been outsourcing non-core activities to gain back the time to utilise in the company’s core functions.

Companies the world over outsource a variety of non-core functions. Video production, communication, marketing and advertising, public relations, training, logistics, and manufacturing are a few of those functions that are outsourced. 

Finding the right outsourcing partner is a challenge. The process requires careful consideration. How is the company’s stability, experience, expertise, creativity and innovation, culture, and track record on deliveries are all factors in a successful selection of a prospective partner. Once a partner is identified; however, a working relationship needs to be developed and trust be established so that each are given the required space to achieve the defined objectives and goals within the budgetary and timeframe limits.

Outsourcing Video Production

Video is an ideal vehicle for internal and external communications. Video is a very powerful medium, and businesses – regardless of size – are well advised to utilise it to help them grow. What holds some businesses back from doing so is the fear complexity, and of course perceived high costs.

Yes, video production is a technically and creatively demanding medium. To tell stories in a way that better engages viewers requires a cadre of professional, talented and creative staff who have the vision and understanding of market requirements, but also the wisdom to continuously hone and update their skills, expertise and experience in order for them to deliver better results more consistently.

The video production equipment are of course varied, and although some very successful videos were created with simple smart phone cameras, the people behind those cameras in the vast majority of cases had the right skill, expertise and experience to pull those productions off. To ensure consistent results; however, professional staff equipped with professional grade equipment and software are needed.

This is why it makes sense to outsource video production.

Successful Marketing

Successful companies recognise that marketing works best if their messages are continuously and consistently exposed to the right audience. This is where the principle of a little a lot is better than a lot a little. One needs to own the target market audience’s mind-space. They need to embed their brand’s values, increase its awareness footprint, engender loyalty and create the conditions for the brand to be first to mind when the buying decision comes.

Video has the unique ability to do all of that. This doesn’t come about by producing a single corporate video; however. What works here is a continuous production of shorter and more targeted productions designed specifically with the target audience and the distribution platforms in mind. A YouTube video should be different than a Facebook video and an Instagram video will be very different than both. We know. We created many award winning productions for all three platforms.

The Next Step

Now that you have decided to outsource your video communication and have identified your requirements, how would you go about it?

The natural next step would be to identify the right partner. A company that will create and nurture the partnership and work to create the environment for you both to be aligned in your vision, procedures and processes. Once that partner is identified, enter into a retainer relationship and start the on-boarding process to gain traction and reap the rewards of such a partnership.

We at Masadir Media recognise the importance of such relationships. We’ve been blessed with several long-term relationships with our customers. Those relationships were not accidents. They were the result of a consistent approach, attention to detail and the creation of tried and tested processes and procedures which ensure predictable successful productions that satisfy our partners’ objectives.

The Retainer Expectations

Although each company’s requirements might differ, we have designed our retainer program to satisfy most corporate communications requirements. At Masadir Media, we remain flexible to listen to your challenges and work together to create special retainer arrangements to best suit your needs. We’ve honed our processes to ensure that we deliver your production with minimum turn-around, with least required oversight and with least disruption to your working day.

Our production procedure goes through four distinct phases, all of which are carefully thought out and check-listed. This ensures alignment, reduces errors and produces a predictable and smooth production pipeline.

Our production pipeline includes the pre-production phase in which planning and concept creation is outlined. Once customer approval is received, the production phase is initiated in which filming is done. Once all the material are at hand, the post-production phase starts to compile the story. Once that is polished, completed and approved, the film is output into high-definition video files ready for download and distribution. All of our videos also include licensed royalty free background music and on screen titles.

Please note that productions for terrestrial and/or satellite television broadcasting and those for large audiences above 1,000 members will require different licensing arrangements and are not covered under this program. We’ll be happy to supply you with more specific details if required.

So what kind of productions is this Masadir Media Retainer Program applicable for? We’ve carefully designed our retainer program for specific kinds of video productions which are ideal for corporate communications. These include:

  • Corporate events
  • Marketing and promotions
  • Internal Communications
  • Product launch events
  • Social media videos
  • Testimonials

Marketing and promotional campaigns can also be part of the mix; though we’d like to remind you that those generally require more intense workflows and generally take a longer time to produce. We’ll be happy to discuss this with you and come up with an appropriate solution.

What You Get

Preparation is critical for the success of these projects. From our experience, we know that a typical corporate communications video will require an hour of in-situ or studio-based filming, two days of editing and up to three days of project management, consultation, ideation, scripting and coordination.

In our retainer packages, we offer the following:

  • Guaranteed priority in production queue
  • Project Management
  • Preproduction
  • Production: Up to a day of single location filming
  • Postproduction of a main video with up to two one-minute social media edits
  • Delivery of final films in HD via downloadable links

Should any additional commitments be required, you will receive preferential rates for additional services as a retainer customer.

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