How much does a corporate video cost?

While it is difficult to estimate how much one corporate video will be compared to others, the calculation of costs is quite transparent and methodical.

Typically, the costs are determined by the time required to produce the video by a set of experienced practitioners and the equipment they need to produce the video in a professional manner. The typical compliment of personnel will include a producer, a director, cameramen, cameraman’s assistant, a sound technician and an editor. Should the production require it, additional personnel can be brought in to cover a variety of tasks, from on-location coordination, security, gaffers, lighting technicians, catering, etc. The equipment required will include camcorders, sound recording and lighting equipment amongst others as the shots demand.*

Not all videos require this extensive list of resources of course; indeed, some only require a crew of two or three personnel and minimum equipment. It is due to this variance in prerequisites that video production prices vary.

Due to Masadir Media’s experience in producing various kinds of corporate videos covering quite a breadth of requirements and budgets, we have developed a keen understanding of making videos with limited budgets.

In conclusion, professionally produced corporate videos are no longer a luxury, they are now a requirement to expose the company’s mission, vision and offerings to its target audience.

Due to the nature of the digital formats and our deep understanding of modern communications platforms, Masadir Media’s videos are provided ready for deployment on multiple platforms, maximising the impact and protecting the investment.

I bet you’re gnawing at the bit with the question: “So come on already, how much does a corporate video cost?” Right? Well, the same cost of a good quality colour brochure, would be a good guesstimate.

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* Click here if you’re interested to learn more about these positions in the filmmaking industry.

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